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Decadent chocolate three times over!! A cocoa rich cookie loaded with chocolate chips, drizzled with a chocolate glaze!!

And they are big – over four inches wide – at Elawa Farm’s Summer Market!


Buckwheat…what exactly is it?

This past week at the farm I found out that someone was worried about purchasing some of my baked goods because there was buckwheat flour listed as an ingredient and therefore “they contain gluten”…??

I know many of you already know this but for those of you recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, it is understandable that you may not have had a chance to investigate this foodstuff, which is not even a grain.

This is what it IS: A seed that can be ground into a flour. A member of the rhubarb family.

This is what it is NOT: It is NOT a cereal or grain. It is NOT related to wheat. It does NOT contain gluten.

I love buckwheat because it’s high starch content makes it a wonderful addition to gluten-free baked goods as does it’s earthy flavor.

Hooray for us who need to avoid gluten!

Quinoa Salad – A Complete Protein!

Call it salad, call it tabbouleh…it’s selling like crazy at Elawa Farm’s Summer Market this year! And luckily it’s also free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts and corn!

And so many ways to reinvent it!

Gale Gand did spoonfuls for a recent event:

And then she changed the spoon…but not the quinoa salad recipe! 😉

And I served it up with lettuce cups for an open house:

Fresh Berry Crostata

This is a favorite treat in our family all through spring and summer!

I was happy to share it at the class I taught at Elawa Farm this past spring and now you can pick up a “mini” at Elawa Farm’s Summer Market in Lake Forest, IL – No gluten, dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, soy or corn in these babies!!! Aren’t they pretty?