Please watch “Genetic Roulette”!

Seems there is still free viewing available of the abridged documentary “Genetic Roulette”:

I want you to make an informed decision about whether to eat GMOs. No more “I heard they’re OK for us…”…”the FDA says they’re OK so…”

And, let’s say this movie definitely persuades you not to eat any more GMOs?

Remember this: Companies do not have to identify genetically modified organisms in their products. -Hmm…if GMOs are so wonderful, wouldn’t they be a point of added value to the consumer? If not for the consumer, for whom the added value? Hmm… – dramatic pause while wheels turn in the heads of those around the globe currently reading this blog 😉

But we can be informed here as well: Use the ShopNoGMO iphone app or go here for more information:

And yes, I know that organic produce is expensive…but so are medical bills. As far as I’m concerned, pay now or pay later. 😉


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