Simmered Cardamom Apples – Naturally Sweet!!

Some days don’t you just wake up and think…”ughh…not another gray day?!?”


or putting up a positive appearance…”Spring???…I know you’re out there somewhere….”


OK, my son was actually just watching the airplanes fly overhead. But winter did arrive late here in Chicago – we’re still awaiting the warm temps we know are just around the corner.

And so we yearn for the fresh veg that spring offers. In the meantime I continue to make some of the recipes I’ve come to love this winter: one, in particular, is Simmered Cardamom Apples. You see, my body doesn’t tolerate cinnamon very well, usually the go-to spice for applesauce. So I scrounged through my cupboards to find a spice that would compliment apples…and cardamom fit the bill!


We’ll use the ground version. Make a lot of it and enjoy it throughout the week – if you live alone, that is. It disappears quickly in my house. Then again, we don’t just eat it as a snack. It’s a light dessert and goes on my oatmeal in the morning too.


By the way, because I don’t want to add any sweeteners I stay away from tart green apples. Other than that, I really don’t get picky about the type of apple to use. Usually it’s whatever is on sale that week. 🙂

Just remember: The final flavor depends on how old your spice is – you may want to add a little extra if it has been sitting in your cupboard for quite a while.

Of course, no surprises here…there are plenty of ways to do this. So, I’m curious…what is your favorite way to cook apples?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot….here’s the recipe:


3½ lbs apples (I used Red Delicious)

1 teaspoon ground cardamom

1) Wash the apples. Then peel and cut them into small chunks.

2) Place the cut apples in a large pot. Sprinkle the ground cardamom on top and stir briefly to combine.

3) Place the pot over a medium flame and cover. Reduce the heat when you hear the apples begin to cook. There is usually no need to add water as the apples themselves will give off enough water for cooking.

4) Simmer over low heat for approximately one hour. The apples are ready when soft.



3 thoughts on “Simmered Cardamom Apples – Naturally Sweet!!

  1. […] few swift moves with a potato ricer on the most recent recipe I posted for Simmered Cardamom Apples and it would fit in perfectly with the next installment […]

  2. Bev Blatter April 16, 2013 at 2:13 pm Reply

    Hi! Phyllis McCoy gave me your info, and I am excited to learn recipes for cooking gluten free, egg and dairy free. My thyroid keeps throwing me for a loop, and my doctor wants me to back to what worked for weight loss last year. I am afraid that we need to figure out a new thyroid medication or dosage, too, but I am willing to try this again. Last year I only did a 30 day fast of these foods, but now it could be a lifestyle change! Do you have a cookbook of recipes that you have created? I would be very interested in anything that you might have! I signed up for your emails, and mine is Thank you so much! I know that I can make these changes, and it is awesome to see these yummy items on your site!!

  3. michelledoll April 16, 2013 at 5:34 pm Reply

    Hi Bev! I like to look at it as a choice made for a higher quality of life. I know I feel better when I eat the foods my body can tolerate. Ultimately that’s what keeps me eating right for my body. I don’t have a cookbook…yet 😉 …but I do try to post at least one recipe each month here on my blog. I also teach cooking and baking classes at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest, IL. And you can find my Bakeshop 360 products (all free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts and corn) at their Garden Market starting in May. A website for selling my Bakeshop 360 products will also be created soon so that those who do not live in the area can purchase them as well. Gluten, dairy and egg is a tricky combination but I have the same sensitivities (plus corn) and I know that it is possible to eat deliciously while avoiding those foods!! Let’s keep in touch!

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